Food – You are what you eat

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”- Hippocrates
Food or fuel is the third most important thing to enter your body, however it is no less important for health. “Garbage in, Garbage out” This statement is true about everything that enters our body (Air, Water, Food & Information). You and I both know this is true, it is not about genes, it is not about exercise, it is not about environment, it is not about government policy, it is not political or religious, it is much simpler than that. “Garbage in, Garbage out” it does not get any simpler, it is a conscious choice. It is a bad habit. That is the good news (the problem is real simple). Are you ready for some more good news? There is a solution to bad habits! 1) Understand it, recognize it. This is not always easy because we have all been fed bad information for so long that we may accept it as the truth by now. Corporations are banking on it and their banks are full. In order to fully understand it you need to look at the big picture. What motivates a corporation? Money, it is their whole reason for existence. Where do they get money? From someone else who earned it, most likely you. That is more good news by the way because it means that you are a part of the equation that makes a corporation profitable and any corporation that wants to stay in business must listen to you, and they absolutely do. 2) Before you can conquer a bad habit, you have to have an alternative, a good habit. Did you notice, I did not ask you to change your bad habit? Years of experience should have made it clear by now that trying to change a habit does not work. 3) Now we are ready to roll at full speed!

Think of your mind like a train running at full speed and up ahead you see a bad habit (you understand it, you recognize it). You know for a fact that if you keep rolling down this track you will arrive at the same old bad destination. However you also know that there is another set of tracks that lead to a good destination. The Choice… What to do? SWITCH TRACKS That’s right, you now have a choice, just like a train you can switch tracks and keep on truck’in right up to your better destination. Now don’t you feel better?

You may have thought it was going to be complicated, that nobody understands you or your problems. You may have lost hope because you kept on trying to change a bad habit. Forget about it, not going to happen! Remember what Einstein said about doing to same old thing and expecting different results, INSANITY! You are not that crazy, you just need to make another choice, a better choice, a more attractive choice…
Note: “Change” is so important we dedicated a whole website to the topic here: CHANGE


Several of our videos go into detail about the poisons we are consuming so for now I will mention a few of the worst offenders:
Animals and animal products

“Appreciate bad habits, then take a detour”- Luvrs Wisdom